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Laser therapy systems are available from many sources, but Laser Therapeutics has the best quality cold lasers backed by unsurpassed customer support that is the finest and most responsive in the laser therapy industry.  Omega Laser Systems are not produced in China but are custom built in the United Kingdom to our exacting specifications.  Our Omega Laser Systems series of low level lasers are highly effective for treating arthritis, shoulder tendonitis, lower back pain, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel, and all other musculoskeletal conditions. The XP series of laser therapy equipment is also highly effective for wound care, skin and beauty conditions and non-healing wounds. Our laser therapy treatment 46 diode cluster laser therapy probe and our red light treatment series of laser probes are highly effective in treating skin conditions and for anti aging applications.  One of the most exciting use of the Omega low level leaser system that has been clinically proven and the results published in the Journal of Chinese Medicine is our stop smoking with laser therapy for smoking cessation program. It is by far the finest and most effective stop smoking program available anywhere with proven clinical results. That's why companies such as Holland American Cruise Lines rely on our system to treat their employees for a smoke-free environment and increased employee production. Please call us to discuss the Omega Laser Systems line of therapy lasers. We can recommend just the right laser therapy system and accessories to meet your  needs. 

Further, Laser Therapeutics supplies Omega Laser Systems laser therapy equipment to some of the finest clinics, spas, smoking cessation and addiction centers and day spas throughout the United States, Canada and around the world providing both professional laser therapy devices and advanced laser treatment training  sessions at your site , included with the purchase of an Omega laser therapy system. Call us at 01-508-790-9300 to discuss your therapy needs.

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